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All Star Converse Killer Croc Cartoon Sneakers

Cartoon Character: killer Croc
First Appear: Batman 357 (Jan/1984)
Occupation: professional criminals wrestler, mercenary
Length: 15 feet (about 300 cm) (including the tail)
Marital Status: None
Weight 220 lbs (100 kg)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: None
Converse By Killer Croc Inspired, Design The Converse Killer Croc Cartoon Shoes
Named: Killer Croc Converse All Star Shoes Chuck Taylor High Tops Green
Converse Cartoon Shoes Material: Canvas, Leather
All Star Chuck Taylor Shoes Colorways: Green,White,Yellow
Women Size:US5, US5.5, US6.5, US7, US8, US9
Men Size: US7, US8, US8.5, US9.5
Converse Theme: Killer Croc
STYLE: Simple, Cute, Custom, Fashion


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